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FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. Quite self-explanatory, I think. At the time, FLAC is one of the best lossless codec available, and the only one with hardware support.


Some semi-useful little programs. Could be quite handy in some cases.

  • FileType v1.26. FileType is intended to give the "first-look" file type information without any futher details. Detailed information is often useless if you don't have special programs, that can handle files of this format. FileType allows you to choose such program or to try to find one, if you do not have it. Features:
    • Detects MZ, PE, NE, LE, LX, W3, DL, MP, P2, P3, PL, ELF, COFF, OMF, MQ, SYS, A.OUT executables
    • Detects 174 graphics formats
    • Detects 199 audio formats
    • Detects 105 archives formats
    • Detects 122 other formats
    • Total - 635 formats
    • Easily extensible database
    • Fast and small
    See also:
  • GuideML v1.65 Win32. My Windows port of an excellent AmigaGuide to HTML converter by Richard Körber (aka SHRED).
    For those who still need Amiga documentation in a readable form.;-) Should also compile with other STDC compilers (on *nux etc) with small changes. See also:
  • UnPowerPack v1.1. Decruncher for PowerPacker archives that works under Windows.


Winamp2 is one of the best audio players ever. Though is lacks some modern features and Nullsoft no really supports it any more, it's still the most widespread player and the player of choice for many experienced users.

  • Module Decoder 2.2.10beta29 (blow-up build). This is my version of the module decoder plug-in (aka MikAmp), that comes with Winamp. It contains support for new modules formats and many fixes to particullar formats loaders and general player code.
    Blow-up build shows errors on unimplemented effects, rather then just silently skipping them. Useful for those, who want to help in getting this shit better. See also:
  • HTML Viewer v1.2. Input plug-in that is mostly intended to show HTML files with music-related information in Minibrowser, though it can show files of other types like JPEG, GIF and PNG. HTML Viewer can show almost everything...
    Great for watching slideshows and Flash movies. See also:
  • WinAmp Profiler v0.81. Allows you to create and manage multiple profiles for Winamp. Saves your playlist and settings. Also can
    • Start play as enqueued
    • Protect playlist
    • Preserve cwd
    • Generate HTML/Text playlist
    • Automatically start playback
    • Put random skin on start
    • Autosave profile
    Just grab it and enjoy! See also:
  • Skin Deleter v1.0. Skin Deleter allows you to delete skins right from WinAmp, without having to open your skins folder and trying to find the skin you want to delete. It also adds a menu command and hotkeys for this feature. As an additional feature Skin Deleter can provide a hotkey for selecting your favorite (or any other) skin. See also:
  • DanceAmp v1.0. Little plugin that shows the title of the song currently played in Winamp, so that it can be seen from a long distance and (optionally) inserts pauses between songs. See also:



  • tinyPiMP v1.0. Based on Nullsoft's makePIMP, but produces significantly smaller installers (20.5 KB less).
  • PackPiMP v1.05. Allows to pack already created PiMP files with any exe-packer you want.
  • DevInst - a simple command-line driver installation/update program. win2k/xp only.
  • Toolbar component for Foobar2000 (WinNT, Win9x). For those, who miss easy-to-use buttons and seekbar in this extreamly minimalistic player. Features "jump to time" dialog.

Windows DLLs

Some of my (and not only my) programs won't run without these files. Most of you already have them, but if the program says it needs one you should copy it to your Windows\System (or Windows\System32 for WinNT/2K/XP) folder.

What will be your legal download today?
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