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Last changes on 26 February 2003

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Hi there! Here is the collection of some free programs I have written or took part in writting.
Everything in here is legal, though it could turn out that using some programs is not legal in some countries.
X-Fixer ;-)


  • 26 Feb 2003

  • Toolbar and seekbar for foobar.
  • 10 Feb 2003

  • I'm tired with old site design and have no time to maintain it. so here is a new, "minimalistic" one. ;-)
    Also, some new stuff was added.
  • 19 Sep 2002

  • Added link to the updated Module Decoder plug-in to the programs page. Actually, it's here for more then a month ;-)
  • 15 Sep 2002

  • Fixes to FileType.
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